Serving the Mountain West and Beyond for 50 Years!

We treat all customers as a part of the family, ensuring each person receives the best restorative service possible.

About the company

Salt Lake Chrome was founded in 1967 and has remained family owned and operated by the Theobalds. Siblings Kevin and Heidi took over the business from their parents in 1987 and are still involved on a day to day basis. We treat all customers as a part of the family, helping us to ensure each person receives the best service possible. 

We specialize in custom chrome plating for restoration on classic cars, motorcycles, home hardware and decorative design. We want to help you with all restoration projects that use chrome, nickel, or copper plating.

We pride ourselves on starting small and growing to serve customers all over the United States throughout the past 50 years. We strive to provide each customer with a high quality product, great customer service, and the professionalism and experience that comes along with our half-century being in business.

Custom re-chroming of parts in all areas of restoration work became one of our main specialties after adding our plating line.  We currently do custom chrome plating on the restoration of classic cars, motorcycles, old stoves, bathtub feet, home hardware, plumbing fixtures, and about anything else you need chrome, nickel, or copper plated.

Our quality and level of service is the main reason that we have been so successful and are constantly striving to improve to give us an even larger edge over the competition. Today, Salt Lake Chrome’s goal is to provide quality chrome plating of all parts to collision repair shops and clients throughout the western U.S.

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